Bespoke solutions built to solve your particular needs – no more, no less.

Let’s enable the Innovative Ecosystem in App Development Process

We believe in taking a state of the art approach to mobile app development and turn key solutions. We always keep our designs unique, pleasing, user friendly and technologically advanced, so as to appeal to the global mobile-using community.

Developing highly functional mobile apps for next-gen businesses

  • Our talent pool of developers and designers to bring in the “wow effect”.
  • Usage of new-age technology for cross-platform coverage.
  • Adherence to compliance for security.
  • Time bound project delivery.
  • End-to-end service: Ideation and Strategy, App Development, UI/UX Design, QA, Testing, Deployment and Continuous Improvement.
Our Services

Mobile App Development

ontimedev has a proficient and dedicated team that has extensive experience building mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms. Apps from ontimedev focus on ease-of-use, efficient data-entry, search and visualisation with a beautiful user interface.

Portal and Turnkey Solution

A bespoke portal implemented to solve your particular needs ensure the most efficient experience for your users. We exclusively use responsive design and customize the backend and storage to your requirements.

Our Development Model

We have established a 6-milestone model that ensures we can deliver on time and with no surprises for any parties. Instalments of payments follow the milestones.

Milestone 1

A full plan for the final app including scope of functionality and design is in place.

Milestone 2

Installable app for selected platforms with a welcome screen conforming to selected design choices

Milestone 3

Login and navigation fully functioning

Milestone 4

Main functionality in place

Milestone 5

Final functionality in place, pending last adjustments

Milestone 6

Final app is in production and ready for full roll-out. You now enter the one-year free support window.

Our Work

Scaling your business with ontimedev’s

state-of-the-art technology

Our Mission

We strive to provide unique competitive advantages for our clients through the latest smart technological solutions. Our main tool is our innovation. Our aim is to create products that offer infinite possibilities for customers.

Our Vision

ontimedev, the main objective is to become the top global IT services provider, competing across different IT sectors. We are expanding day by day with our new operations by constantly adding new products to our portfolio.

We Offer

One year free support

The first 12 months of support is included

100% satisfaction guaranteed

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The Mobile App Market

We have developed many mobile apps and one thing we have noticed is that mobile app development is just a blank canvas where you can add anything.

What is the custom solution

A custom solution is a set of carefully selected individual products, where each element helps at some special and specific function to resolve the problem.

What our Clients say

We always save both your time and money. That is why our services never disappoint you. And There is nothing better than to list our clients praise the hard work. See What our clients say about us.
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What our Clients say
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